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SFCG Method of Operation

SFCG meets at approximately one year intervals. Resolution A2-1 describes the scheduling and location of these meetings. Each meeting is hosted by a member agency. At
the conclusion of a meeting, an invitation for the next meeting is extended by a member agency.

Each SFCG meeting is chaired by a representative of the host agency. The Chairman serves from the time that the invitation from his agency is accepted until the conclusion
of the meeting over which he presides.

English is the language used for the conduct of SFCG meetings and for documentation, in accordance with Resolution A2-2.

The Secretariat function for SFCG is performed by the European Space Agency (ESA). The Head of the ESA Frequency Management Office (Code ESA/TEL/FM) acts as the
Executive Secretary of SFCG. The Secretariat provides continuity in the affairs of SFCG and prepares the SFCG meetings, including development of an appropriate agenda.
The Executive Secretary provides support to the Chairman for the conduct of each meeting.

The Secretariat provides written minutes of each meeting. These minutes include, in particular, the following items:

  • a list of input documents;
  • reports of working groups;
  • texts of new or revised Resolutions and Recommendations;
  • texts of new or revised Action Items;
  • texts of new Decisions, and a list of earlier Decisions still in effect;
  • other actions taken by the meeting;
  • matters of historical interest.

The several types of SFCG documentation are defined in Resolution A2-3. Information documents and discussion documents are serially numbered by the Secretariat in the
order of receipt prior to a meeting. The number includes identification of the SFCG meeting number, e.g., SF/7-4 refers to the fourth document received for consideration at

Resolutions and Recommendations adopted by a meeting are numbered and classified according to the method described in Classification and Numbering of SFCG
Recommendations and Resolutions, found in Section I of this handbook.

Action Items, and Decisions (other than decisions concerning documents) that are adopted during a meeting are numbered according to the meeting and serial number, e.g.,