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Classification and Numbering of SFCG Recommendations and Resolutions

1. Introduction

SFCG Recommendations and Resolutions are classified by:

  • type of document;
  • category of subject matter;
  • the meeting at which the document was originally adopted;
  • the number of the document as one of the series adopted by that meeting; and
  • the number of subsequent revisions.

The elements of this classification are embodied in the document number. For example,

RES A3-5R3 [decomposed right to left]

  • R3 the revision number
  • 5 the fifth output document of the third meeting
  • 3 the third SFCG meeting
  • A category (may be "A" or blank; see ' 2.1 and 2.2.)
  • RES type of document

2. Description of document classification

2.1 Type of document

A Resolution is an expression of action, intended action, or policy that applies to SFCG members themselves, that is, within the Group. There are two types of resolutions: Administrative, and Technical. Administrative resolutions are indicated by the addition of a category letter "A" to the document number, e.g., RES A2-2R1. See '2.2 below.

A Recommendation is an expression of an action, intended action, or policy that is to be pursued by members within their agencies or with respect to other bodies, that is, outside of the Group.

2.2 Category of subject matter

There are two categories of subject matter: administrative, concerning the internal operation of the SFCG; these documents are identified by the letter "A" in the document number all other matters that affect member agencies and the radio services of interest to SFCG.

2.3 Meeting at which document was originally adopted

SFCG meetings are serially numbered. A list of meetings may be found in Section V of the Handbook.

2.4 The number in the series adopted by a particular meeting

At a particular meeting, adopted documents in each category are sequentially numbered, beginning with 1.

2.5 Revision number

Each time an existing document is substantially revised (more than an editorial change), a revision number is assigned. The original document carries no revision number; the first revision is Revision 1. Revision numbers are added to the original document number, which does not change. The date of the current revision is the date of the document, found at the bottom of each page in the document.