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SFCG On-Line Handbook

This is the updated on-line version of the SFCG Handbook. The full Handbook will no longer be available as a single download. Rather, the individual components are now ALL available online. This Handbook is revised as of 08-July-2019.

ITU-R SNS Database - NORAD Transfer List

At SFCG-32, an ITU-R Satellite Network System (SNS) database to NORAD transfer list for S-band and X-band was submitted by DLR for use by SFCG Members. This transfer list was updated on 08-April-2015. For further information, contact Mr. Ralf EWALD (DLR).

CDMA Code Request Form

Download the SFCG CDMA Code Request Form as a PDF fillable form. (Rev 16-September-11)


Access a Glossary of acronyms used on this site.

Microwave Radiances in Weather Forecasting

At SFCG-24 in Perros-Guirec, France, Dr. Roger Saunders of the International TOVS Working Group (ITWG) gave a presentation on the impact that satellite measurements have had on meteorological forecasting (short and medium-range). The presentation, entitled "Use of Microwave Radiances for Weather Forecasting"(PDF, 2.48 MB), offered very clear information and quantitative elements that can be very useful when arguing the case for passive remote sensing protection.

Passive Microwave Workshop

The Third Passive Microwave Workshop, sponsored by NOAA, was held in Silver Spring, MD on 1-2 May 2007.